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President’s Message

K. Scott Abrams, CPA, CGMA


Say It Here!


Crime Stoppers USA was asked to participate in the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI), a joint venture of the Harvard School of Public Health Division of Policy Translation and Leadership Development and the Harvard Kennedy Schools Center of Public Leadership. The NPLI works in collaboration with key government agencies to ensure today’s unprecedented challenges are met with uncommon leadership from federal, state and local officials encouraging conductivity across public, private and nonprofit sectors.


NPLI recognized the ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ national campaign, originally implemented and trademarked by the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority and licensed to DHS as a nationwide campaign, raising public awareness of the indicators of terrorism and terrorism-related crime.  NPLI began exploring ways to find pathways to operationalize a tangential national campaign by connecting it to local or national anonymous reporting methods.  Therefore, the NPLI Team created the ‘Say It Here’ concept. 


The Teams research confirmed the Say It Here assessment next step in enhancing the efficacy and utility of this campaign would be a more centralized mechanism possibly with a recognizable telephone number, website or application. The Team determined that there were might be ways to collaborate and leverage with local community anonymous tip taking programs and an outreach was made to Crime Stoppers, revealing a closely related effort whose strategies and methodologies appear well suited for collaborations with ‘Say It Here.’


Crime Stoppers USA, along with the Canadian Crime Stoppers, were brought in to engage and operationalize how ‘Say It Here’ would be best positioned and mobilized in North America. The coordination of bringing Crime Stoppers programs together in the United States and Canada was an opportunity for best practices coming together in an appropriate network. Identifying appropriate media, such as telephone, web and PSA’s and securing and trademarking the Say It Here were important steps to take. Crime Stoppers USA created a template and framework for this national program identifying suspicious activity reporting including the provision of baseline of useful “what to look for” indicators for both public safety personnel and the public.


Crime Stoppers USA has applied for and received trademark rights for ‘Say It Here.’  There are several versions of the trademark which are located in the Crime Stoppers USA ‘Say It Here’ media packet, and here is one of them:

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Since Crime Stoppers USA was unable to trademark ‘Crime Stoppers’ due to another organization already having applied for that trademark, this allows Crime Stoppers organizations to embrace this trademark and slogan reinforcing that Crime Stoppers is the safest, completely anonymous way to report.


Crime Stoppers USA is proud to offer Say It HereTM logo to our Crime Stoppers USA members. Each time we use Say It HereTM the more valuable the slogan becomes. This trademark and slogan is only available to members of Crime Stoppers USA.   It is important to utilize the ™ trademark when you use the Say It HereTM logo which protects the organization’s legal right to use the slogan.


There is strength in numbers. We want each of our Crime Stoppers USA members to embrace this new slogan and utilize it on your letterhead, website, Facebook, etc… wherever and anytime you are identifying and promoting your program. 


Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers has embraced this as part of our theme for the upcoming training conference: ‘Say It HereTM—Keep On Talking’.  We want you and the public to know that it is safe to provide anonymous tip information to anywhere they may see the Say It HereTM words and logo!  If you are in not currently a member in Crime Stoppers USA, please feel free to contact me or visit the Crime Stoppers USA website at www.CrimeStoppersUSA.org for additional information.  Members of Crime Stoppers USA may visit the website and go to the Members Login and type in ‘Say It Here Media Kit’ in the search area to obtain the logos and guidelines for utilizing Say It HereTM.