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This informative website is designed to assist local Wisconsin Crime Stoppers programs and educate the public on what the Crime Stoppers Program is, how it works and what communities in Wisconsin participate in this program.

October 17 - 19, 2024
Hilton Appleton Paper Valley Hotel and Conference Center

The Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers Board of Directors is happy to announce we will be conducting our annul meeting and training conference on Thursday, October 17 through Saturday, October 19, 2024!  The draft agenda and registration materials will be availble by mid-February 2024, so check back then for more information. 

   We are excited to be once again conducting this conference at the newly acauired hotel and conference facility by Hilton of the Appleton Paper Valley Hotel and Conference Center!  They offer us the State rates as we have received in the past.    They have renovated much of the facility, the same facility that the majoirty of NFL teams use when they play in Green Bay. We are also happy to inform that we were able to maintain the  very reasonable conference fees we have established in the past.   We want to fill up the conference center!  


Please mark your calendars now to attend this conference with your fellow Crime Stoppers from thoughout the State of Wisconsin!


Be safe and stay healthy


K. Scott Abrams

President – Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers



Our Mission

Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers exists to develop and aid individual programs by providing education, information and tools in crime prevention throughout Wisconsin.

Our Vision

Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers will be the primary organization providing information and resources to enhance the effectiveness of individual Crime Stoppers programs as a deterrent to crime for every county within Wisconsin.

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Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers Statistics

Arrests                13,368
Cases Cleared                14,130
Rewards Paid  $        1,991,000
Property Recovered  $        6,210,250
Narcotics Recovered  $      10,537,300
Total Recovered  $      16,747,550
WI Statistics - 1976 - July 2023
Source: Crime Stoppers USA Database

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